Casa Los Morales PLAYA GIRON


Casa Los Morales PLAYA GIRON is located in the heart of the city

C/ 14 # 321, 44 510 Playa Giron CU

Casa Los Morales PLAYA GIRON is located in the center of the town, it is near the blueway stop, it also has the Girón Museum as tourist attractions, several nearby sandy beaches, there is the international diving center located in Punta Perdiz in which We have more than 30 points for deep-sea diving and snorkeling, where you can enjoy a wide variety of fish, corals and sunken ships, hiking in the Enigma de las Rocas, places of interest such as Caleta Buena, Punta Perdiz, Cueva los Fish, Boca de Guamá where you can enjoy an excellent boat ride through the Laguna del Tesoro and visit the crocodile farm, a Peasant Party with a great variety of animals in captivity, bird watching in Bermejas, Zoplillar, Los Hondones.


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Our Guests Say:

It is a perfect house to rest. Very quiet and comfortable. Very advisable to stay there. (Emma, Ireland)